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If anyone had followed my path in fashion these past few years, they would have known that Alexander Wang was never my favourite. Indeed, I never cared for his designs; but the last 2 seasons have put him in my list of top 5. Remember his use of fishnet in Spring Summer 2012? Well, they’ve crept up right below your nose. During the first local installation of Alexander Wang at the Hilton hotel Singapore, we got to revisit these designs before they hit the store. Up close, I must say, my decision to rank up Wang was not incorrect. The sharp construction of each article, out of leather, suede, lacquered tweeds, was so cautious that they give off the vibe of minimalism; and Wang was never known to be a minimalist. These thick jackets and skirts give a whole new silhouette to a woman’s body, almost like a shell, a barrier. Solely in black and white with a punch of blood ox, a woman’s image is toughened up for the upcoming Fall. If there’s only one way to describe the style, it’s street ninja warrior chic. In the lieu of animal hides are the draped chiffon dresses, sheer tops, and knits (in case you are a vegan). All these animal hide talks might stir up the fear of discomfort. Worry not. The leather and suede skirts were tailored to fall from the hips like they were made of cotton, the coats and jackets were made to be boxy, giving room for the skin to breath. This collection is heavily focused on materials, so the only way to test it out is in these steps that I’ve created. Go to the store. Touch it. Try it on. Feel the wonder.

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