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Reminiscence is a strong, underrated therapy. I’m a person who rely on visuals of the past to plan the future. (For example, I see an item on someone who creates a huge impression, store a mental image and work towards it in order to afford and acquire it.) And when I was tapping the bridge of my nose yesterday, (yes, this is so not your average fashion post!) I had a sudden wave of flashback of this particular man in Milan.

I was looking through my lens at the Max Mara show, when this gentleman was approaching my way. I was blown away, for some strange reasons. His features came across as very desirable (in a non-sexual way, of course). Perhaps, it’s just my idea of a perfect face— the ideal nose, the masculine frown or even the aged skin near the eyes. And as if this post is not bizarre enough, I’ll just have to ask this question; Plastic surgery sponsorship, anyone? Hah!

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