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Yayoi Kusama could easily be mistaken for Rei Kawakubo (or Ronald McDonald post hair-bonding treatment) sans that technicolor red wig and the shironuri-overloaded face. For the artistically inclined and for the benefit of those who’s new to this pop art icon: Yayoi Kusama is an eccentric, who fled rural Japan to conquer New York’s art scene with her passion for the arts. Absorbed with her creations, Kusama gradually became demented, after which she returned to Tokyo and is currently living in a mental institution. Nine decades of Yayoi Kusama in the art scene caught the attention of Marc Jacobs, who later on connected the dots (pun intended) for this artistic partnership.

Last week saw a very intimate cocktail party held in celebration of the collaboration. It might not be as elaborated as the Fifth Avenue flagship store, but there were sufficient polka dots to go around, for sure. I’d be lying if I said I was thrilled by the experience of the concept store retail space— no offence, but I’m naturally squeamish towards repetitive dots in general. An entire space bursting with spots and tentacles are enough to elevate me into a whole different realm all together, believe me! With only seven Louis Vuitton-Yayoi Kusama concept stores worldwide, we’re definitely the lucky few to have attended the launch.

And if these images won’t suffice to curb your spotty obsession, Louis Vuitton most extensive collaboration to date; compromising of ready-to-wear, leather goods and even book editions (priced at USD1360 each) are available for purchase at the concept store, Ngee Ann City.

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