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I’ve got to be frank with you; I’m not feeling the Burberry Prorsum collection for many seasons now. It was more like Blah-berry (as most of you described it) as opposed to Burberry. Well, that’s about to change with this season’s press walk through. It reignited my interest all over again. While I still do yearn for that iconic Agyness Deyn era once more (remember how it used to be so energetic, young and less nostalgic?), I’m very accepting of Bailey’s appreciation towards the brand’s heritage and craftsmanship.

The Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2012 collection was even more exciting up-close. If previously the collection felt very controlled in the sense that it was so focused on age-old traditions, this season’s collection was a little more relaxed— hopefully a positive sign of more innovations to come. I especially love the tongue-in-cheek detailing like the woodland beaded owl intarsia, beaded appliqué fox heads and intricately hand-painted animal umbrellas. Oh, and the peplum trench too! The hues this season are well coordinated— it’s like wearing colours, without having to look like Brad Goreski during springtime.

If I had to pick on something remotely negative about the collection, it would be the inspiration. I feel that it’s about time that all English brands steer clear from the wonderful world of the English woodlands and countryside. It’s getting a little too literal and tiresome, no? Then again, with so many up and coming London designers thinking so far ahead and presenting futuristic collections, it’s comforting to have an established brand practicing such rare craft and always referring to its core values.

And uh Mr.Bailey, you said you would call?

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