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Dinie: How important are the bloggers, the social networking site such as Facebook or the internet in general in helping you with your brand?

Erdem: Well, I think it is instrumental in helping people understand who we are as a brand — you know; Tweeting, Facebook and what not. The blog especially, it’s so nice to be included and be out there on the internet. It is largely important.

D: Are you active on these social networking site?

E: Nope. I’m quite obsessive, so if I start something, I would be on it all the time. I have to be really careful. That’s a very honest answer. (Chuckles) I could have just said no to your question. And also, I don’t have time, I’m designing collections. I don’t need to know, like, who got a new dog, it just doesn’t matter.

D: What do you spend most of the time doing?

E: Draft, work with pattern cutters, research, fittings, fabric selection, designing fabrics, looking at embroidery, working with the Product Development Manager, working with the Sales Director, working with the PR. Most of my life is spent working.

D: I was introduced to your brand when I chanced upon a picture of Anna Wintour wearing a piece from the spring collection, she’s very supportive towards young designer in New York. Is Brittish Vogue as supportive?

E: Yes, in fact, i’m on the cover of British Vogue this month, my first Vogue cover, which is like really monumental for us as a label.

D: What is the next step for Erdem, how would you approach the Asian market?

E: Good question. It’s not so much of a planning thing, it’s more organic. You react differently depending on where you are. That’s why coming to Singapore was so important for me, I’ve never been to Club 21, I’ve never seen the store, I’ve never met the people in Singapore and so, you know, the little interaction that we had might be in the showroom with the buyers. But I’ve never really met the journalist, the women and see how they look and how they dress. I like to understand, you know, where the collection is distributed. That is important.

D: So, you went to the MET Gala with Lily Donaldson?

E: Yeah, I did because she was English! (distracted) Oops, you have a text, what does it says? Was it a journalist? Were they like, “Where the hell are you, what are you doing?” (chuckles)

D: Nah, it was just a text from the Hotel.

E: Oh! It was great going with Lily! The dress was on the cover of Self-Service, you know that magazine? I love that magazine. So we have two covers at the moment, which are amazing. It was so nice to go with Lily because I know her, it was nice to hang out with someone who is a friend. I love her to bits, she’s great.

D: Did you know that Lily Donaldson was voted one of the best-dressed for MET by Fashion Critic of Red Carpet Fashion Award?

E: No, no way, really? No! i thought it was a gutsy choice, but I thought it really went with the kind of, i don’t know, it was romantic and right. It was provocative as well. I love it! It was funny because everyone arrived in a limousine, but our limousine didn’t show up. So we arrived at the MET in a yellow taxi, like New York style. We did her hair at the back of the taxi. Super funny! This is insider information!

D: Now, I have a question from twitter. Someone saw you at the hotel lobby and noticed that you wear glasses alot, was it more of a fashion statement, since your assistant is wearing an identical one too. You guys look identical almost!

E: No, it’s necessity! I’m literally blind without them. I wear contacts when I’m running. And no, we’re not! I have a twin sister and Jen (the assistant) always get mistaken for her. We’re not related but we’re very very close, maybe that’s why. When you hang out with someone long enough you start to look like the other person. I was going say that people will start to look like their dogs! But I didn’t want to say that because that’s bad! Joking! But this is not a situation which I can say that.

D: What are your expectations from the crowd when you show your collection in Singapore?

E: I’m hoping for excitement, we’re bringing stuffs which are exclusively sold in Club 21. Like, for instance, the finale dress. We didn’t show it on the runway show, but one of the dress is going to be exclusive to them. It’s exciting!

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