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So here’s the premise: Imagine yourself sitting, waiting for one of fashion’s brightest stars. You imagine a diva- esque air amplfied by assistants and PR people trailing in his wake. Oh wait, this writeup is about Giles Deacon, not Angela Missoni. Whoops, I’ll save that for another time. Right, so he walks into the reception of the St Regis, completely unpretentiously with his signature aviators, a pink sweatshirt (it’s uniqlo) over his shoulder, the arms tied loosely round his neck. He plops himself down on one of those way too alluring couches and introduced himself casually, “Hi, I’m Giles.”

So while he was in Singapore, I learnt he has quite a thing for seafood. And not the pretentious kind either, we brought him to No Signboard at the esplanade to which he declined. He wanted something a little more local… less mall-sy. So naturally we brought him to the most touristy place within the kilometer, boat quay.

Ok I admit that wasn’t the most interesting story ever but maybe this one can make up for it. Pre show, backstage at an Emmanuel Ungaro production is no joke. Hair and makeup people shouting and PR people out for blood. Giles on the other hand, sat there watching the chaos unfold. He nudged me. “do you know where i can get one of those, the one that guy is drinking?” he was referring to some vodka cranberry concoction, in a plastic cup no less. Yes, in addition to being completely humble he likes a little drink, as every other englishman. His cheerful disposition, calming in a clusterfu…. clusterfudge of silk dresses and pink lace nothings.

So the show was fab, leather chokers and barely there lace dresses, Tim Blank explains it better. So as the meeting, however swift, comes to an end I must say Giles as I had gotten to know him is hardly the “designer archetype” a role someone else filled much better. Cheerful, charming, polite, simple and humble. Hell, he still addresses an ex-mentor, Collin McDowell as Mr McDowell and that, that says so much more than I can. Oh and did I mention, he hugged me. Giles Deacon, designer of Emmanuel Ungaro and one of fashion visionaries hugged me. Uh huh, totally made my aft.

Text by: Gregory Woo of DO/DIY.

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