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Miuccia’s quirky sensibility in fashion might be hard to digest sometimes, but that indigestion is what keeps fashion editors and bloggers interested. Taking a complete 720° turn from her previous Spring 2012 collection (with notable bedazzled jackets), Autumn 2012 of Prada menswear offered a more mature look. The clothes might seem repetitive and, dare I say, basic due to the lack of innovative silhouettes; but perhaps the Italian designer wanted to focus more on the small things and less on the big picture. Big collars on chemises, badges on Russian military-inspired trench coats, flower print loafers, and the minimal-but-effective usage of red were just a few noteworthy details. The big catch of the show, however, was the exclusive and impressive cast. Miuccia is known for her usage of actors/actresses in her advertisement campaigns. This time, we get to see them in action. From Adrien Brody, Tim Roth to Jamie Bell and Gary Oldman, the spectacular show truly was an entertainment for both the viewers and these ‘models’ themselves. Even with ordinary shapes, the actors’ presence in the fitted coats and blazers only emphasized the power of tailored clothes. There is a big chance that the days of juvenile/youthful-looking garments are gone this upcoming Fall, giving way for the return of real men in suits.

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