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Making strategic sartorial choices allows you to view things in a different perspective. I think function over fashion instead of the other way around (I still love you, Birkin!). QWSTION, the solution for my not-so-straightforward lifestyle, is one of many brands from Cumulus.

I recently brought home a QWSTION tote from the reworked collection after much valiant effort searching for a versatile bag for school. The raw Canvas Edition of the Grey Tote Bag contains a Backpack, the Weekender and the new Tote, all in one. If that’s not functional and versatility, I don’t know what is!

The bag consists of different compartment with the main compartment being shielded by the flap, which can be secured with an easy ‘twist and lock’ hardware feature. If it’s still not convenient, the compartment can be easily accessed using the side-zip ( I may have abuse this easy access way too many times now!). Another unique feature is the hidden iPhone pocket and zip pocket, which allows flexible storage option for smaller items. With lining mimicking the soles of a Louboutin, the tote gives that edge-appeal for fashion savvy people in a modern environment.

I can’t stress enough the wonders of this tote but I guess good answers are always the result of the right question— it’s no wonder the QWSTION tote garnered lots of queries and compliments!

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